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ANSI Class 2 & 3 Apparel Advice

    Meet Hard Hat Hal, VP of QualiTEEs for ANSI Class 2 & 3 Safety Apparel and More

    Product Selection Advice

    At SafetyTshirtsOnline, we are in the business of delivering quality safety apparel – Tshirts, sweatshirts and safety vests – for companies and businesses who need to make their workers visible and safe on-the-job in potentially dangerous settings. In today’s rapid transportation world with drivers more distracted than ever thanks to new technologies like smart phones, your on-the-road, on-the-job employees need to stand out and be seen by busy drivers. Our ANSI Class 2 & 3 and traditional safety apparel helps to do just that – ensuring a safe, visible work force day-in and day-out. At night-time as well!
    Helping YOU to select the right safety clothing for purchase and printing has just gotten easier thanks to the arrival of our new VP of QualiTEEs – Hard Hat Hal. Hal comes from several decades of service in the world of newspaper comic strips, political cartoons and even a few animated bits and commercials. You may have seen him in The Simpsons, Home Depot print ads, the repairman in a classic run of the Peanuts strip, and as himself on the side of cans of JOLT® soda in the 1990s. Hal has been around for a considerable length of time (illustrations age very slowly!) and his experience and understanding about color, printing and visual aesthetics will benefit all of our SafetyTshirtsOnline customers.
    Look for Hard Hat Hal to pop-up all over our website in order to offer tips and information that will help you to order and purchase the appropriate safety t-shirts, safety sweatshirts and safety vests your employees need to stay safe and visible at work – whether ANSI Class 2 or 3 safety apparel or regular safety gear. And please wish Hal congratulations on becoming our new vice president of QualiTEEs!

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