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Demonstrate Professionalism with Safety Shirts and Safety Vests

    Safety Sweatshirts and T-Shirts Protect Your Company Brand Image Too

    Unprofessional AppearanceFrom restaurant servers and bartenders to pizza delivery personnel, tow truck operators and pool-cleaning companies, a simple tool has been in-use for decades to reinforce a company’s professionalism and image as well as to establish the veracity of an employee as a member of a particular business establishment. We’re talking of course about top wear worn by employees – t-shirts, sweatshirts, polo shirts, vests and jackets.
    Whenever you go to a large big box store, or hire a plumber or electrician, or drop your car off to be serviced at your favorite mechanic’s garage – stop and notice the apparel of the customer service professional you are dealing with. Chances are, he or she will be wearing a t-shirt, sweater, polo or vest that features the name or logo and often the color code of that particular business. It’s become such a part of American business marketing that we just expect it and don’t even really notice it!
    But then, when you encounter a small business that doesn’t “get it” about this easy marketing tactic, you’ll often feel a bit uncomfortable in your dealings with the representative who is waiting on you or making a house call to your home, and you might not even know why you feel that slight discomfort. Unconsciously, you’re probably thinking to yourself, “Is this person really from A&B HVAC Company?” “Is the company I’m dealing with too cheap to present a unified business image?” “Couldn’t this man have worn a clean shirt without pizza sauce stains on it to paint my porch?” “Is the work they’re about to do for me going to be as sloppy as how they’re dressed?”
    Like it or not, appearances are important in businesses both large and small, and first impressions often make a big difference in how we engage with and react to those who are doing business with us. It’s a fairly normal and natural part of our psychology to make determinations about safety and quality in those with whom we cross paths.
    Safety T-shirts, safety sweatshirts, safety vests and ANSI Class 2 and 3 apparel don’t just protect your valuable employees from physical dangers experienced on the job and on the road. Our custom-printed apparel also protects the reputation of your business. Our brightly colored shirts look clean and energetic and convey a sense of intelligence and professionalism on-the-job. What’s more, our safety apparel is very affordably priced, so most companies can afford to buy several pieces for each employee so that they can always put their best foot….well, best torso forward when on the job. Furthermore, when you entrust custom safety shirts and sweatshirts to your employees, you’re telling them that YOU trust THEM to represent your business wisely and responsibly. Clothes Do make the man, and the woman!
    Stay safe.

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