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Mike Rowe, “Safety Third”, and Safety T-Shirts for Visual Safety on the Job

    Mike Rowe - Dirty JobsReaders of online news and viewers of The Discovery Channel’s Dirty Jobs documentary-type infotainment program from a few years back may remember that the host of the program, Mike Rowe, was once called out by an online viewer in a forum post for not following appropriate safety protocols on the program. In that particular episode, Rowe was working an oil rig and did not wear safety goggles and the afore-mentioned viewer wrote in to Mr. Rowe and company that she and her husband, a real oil rig worker, cringed as they watched the episode. Not surprisingly, Rowe was unapologetic about his lack of safety on the episode and said numerous things that did not make him sound very professional as a worker – comments about “safety first” being “hogwash” to employers – who are much more concerned about getting a job completed in order to get paid, according to Rowe. Keep in mind, of course, that Rowe is an entertainer and of course the particular program focused on dirty and even dangerous jobs, and Hollywood wouldn’t want Rowe to look too realistic on-the-job – reality isn’t what Hollywood is about, right?


    Mr. Rowe’s disavowal of employers’ caring about the safety of their employees struck us as a little naïve. Hasn’t he heard about workplace lawsuits? How about OSHA standards – national standards that are enforced we should point out? Then there’s the problem of good workers getting hurt on the job and not being able to work and thus production slows down. What good is that to employers who only care about making money? In reality, taking care of workers and keeping them safe is really a very practical, as well as responsible, duty for employers to be mindful of at all times. Not only because of the potential for lawsuits and slowed-down productivity but also due to the reputation a company can get for under-valuing human life and health. In these days of increasing brand awareness thanks to social media and website such as, a company stands to rise or fall in terms of employee quality due to the reputation of how they treat their workers. For better or for worse, such reputations go further than ever before in terms of influencing hew hires, etc.


    Safety t shirts, safety vests, safety sweatshirts – all manner of ANSI CLASS 2 & 3 APPAREL – are valuable additions to the safety arsenal of employees all across the country in many industries. Whether an individual works for a construction company, on a street or highway crew for a state, as a public employee in a hectic setting, or performs dangerous or hazardous work in numerous private companies offering services considered “skilled” for hire by civilians – brightly colored safety tees, jackets and vests help to make these hard-working individuals visible to motorists and other workers and thus help to ensure a safer work environment. Perhaps if Mr. Rowe had not been in front of a TV camera for his Dirty Jobs series, he might have been more aware of the need to be clearly visible behind the scenes. Maybe THAT could be his next TV series – Behind the Scenes Safety Across America!


    Are you or your business interested in boosting the safety of your employees through highly visible, affordable safety t shirts and attire that grabs the eye and keeps employees safer? Please reach out to us to discuss your safety clothing needs and we’ll get right back to you. You can also read the entire article on Mike Rowe and Dirty Jobs here.


    Stay safe!
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