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National Safety Month

    Safety T-Shirts, Sweatshirts and More Help Workers Stay Safe for National Safety Month and Beyond!

    June 2017 is National Safety Month this year and SafetyTShirtsOnline is participating once again by being in business and serving our customers with apparel that prevents accidents and saves lives. With our target market of construction workers, highway road crews, landscapers, painters, traffic and parking lot facilitators, dock workers and just about any other occupation where hard-working men and women need to be visible in order to be safe while working, we’re glad to be in an industry that helps to keep individuals and teams safe and sound while on-the-job.

    With speed limits increasing in some states on highways, folks traveling while distracted more often thanks to cell phones and tablet computers, and everyone seemingly more busy than ever before in our country’s history, accidents are more likely to happen and it’s a dangerous time to be working near traffic, around “civilians,” and in any scenario where danger can lurk from heavy equipment or with a distracted driver or employee. Our safety green and safety orange safety t-shirts, safety sweatshirts and safety vests help to make employees more visible both to their teams and to drivers and travelers who may have hundreds of other things on their minds instead of the safety of workers near them. The power of visible green and orange safety apparel to catch the eyes of unwary drivers and equipment operators is a valuable tool in the battle against injuries and accidents – yesterday, today and tomorrow.National Safety Month

    In honor of National Safety Month, the National Safety Council has produced a fairly stunning infographic called A Lifetime of Risk that highlights many of the dangers lurking around our lives depending on the age we happen to be currently. With preventable injuries occupying the fourth highest cause of death in America after heart disease, cancer and chronic respiratory disease, it’s good to be informed about those injuries so that you can take proactive steps to ensure that you and your loved ones are not another fatality statistic.

    Enjoy the infographic and learn how to be safer thanks to National Safety Month 2017 and SafetyTshirtsOnline!

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