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What about the other 10% when it comes to safety t-shirt satisfaction?


    In recent years, some very large screen printing companies have sprung up due to major investments from venture capitalists looking to make a quick buck. Many of these screen printers have The other 10%huge marketing budgets and even advertise on television and radio. Some charge excessively, while others take the path of pricing their services as cheaply as possible. It seems their strategy business-wise is to either lure high-end spenders or else to attract those who really don’t care about the preservation of their custom t shirts past the first occasion when they wear them in public. Quality from some of these suppliers is very questionable – both in terms of the t shirt materials AND in the printing process on the shirts.

    One of our customers used an online design tool from a major printer to create what she thought would be a great company shirt.  Unfortunately, she placed her logo a little low in the design and the company delivered the shirts exactly as she designed them. She came to us to perform a reprint, since having a logo on the stomach area of the shirt just wasn’t what she really envisioned! Had the printing company she entrusted her project to simply confirmed with her BEFORE printing about the errant location of the logo, a reprint could have been avoided altogether. It seems quality assurance isn’t a step in their process!

    Another customer had us do a reprint of the logo on her shirt order because the U.S. state featured on the t shirt design by this well-advertised printing company was printed as “ORLAHOMA.”  Mistakes happen, yes, but “Orlahoma?” That’s not a U.S. state, an automobile, a native American tribe…even a bad soda pop company! So much for proofing their work before delivering the goods to the customer, eh?

    And just last week, a desperate customer contacted us because they needed some custom shirts for an event happening this week.  The customer had ordered them nearly a month ago and was just informed by the “professional” t shirt printers that they could not deliver on time after all.  Although our schedule was full, we sensed her desperation and produced the shirts on time. We didn’t have to take on this extra work, but we actually enjoy delivering a printed product that makes our clients happy – and we wouldn’t be surprised if we just earned another devoted long-term customer in the process. Everybody wins – hurrah!

    Out of curiosity, we looked at one of these suppliers online and were a bit surprised that they were proud of their “90% customer satisfaction” rating.  What about the other 10%?  What happened to them? And what about the special event or award or work crew or team-building activity or work project that would have been obviously less than spectacular due to the messed-up t shirts or their complete lack of delivery? Those 10% are all people too, people within organizations who deserve a satisfactory product just like they deliver to their own customers!
    At SafetyTshirtsOnline, we would lose sleep if even 1% of our customers were dissatisfied. We’re guessing that’s the difference between a large, impersonal company that impresses potential customers with shiny ads and glitzy campaigns and promises versus a company that actually appreciates every customer and delivers the goods one custom safety t shirts order after another.
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